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Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Learning a discipline and excelling in it is one thing and helping the people who need you by using your skills is another. Well, John Keefe II is one such person who has been doing this amazing work for many years. He is an advocate of humanity and likes to see everyone happy. He has always been there to help people to deal with all those legal issues, which can be complicated for them.

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John Keefe : Taking People to the Right Path

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

People have to face a lot of problems in their life but success comes only to those people who know how to cross every barrier. To overcome every challenge of the life, you need to get inspired and Dr. John Keefe OKC is one of those people who motivate people to fight for his as well as others rights. He is a person who believes in humanity and always tries to stand with needy people.

Dr. Keefe has brought happiness in the lives of many childless couple by donating his seed to such couples. His motive is to bring happiness to the needy people, no matter what their needs are. He is the man who always does right for the people with positive thoughts. People call him as the Messiah and messenger of humanity. Dr. John Keefe OKC is spreading a message that if you are iDr John Patrick Keefe IIn the position…

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John Keefe: Eliminating the Evil of Discrimination from Society

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

You may go anywhere in the world, you will find many people who have orthodox thinking. They are reserved and like to stay in their own communities.  These people often create discrimination in the society. To eliminate discrimination from the society, we need to find a messiah and the John Keefe II is a person who has always stood for the needy. People call him a messenger of God. He is known for his noble works such as private investigator, notary public with Oklahoma Judicial process servers, a renowned officiate and social worker. He is the person who completely supports LGBT community who are spurned by the society.

Dr John Patrick Keefe II was born (March 7, 1979) in Oklahoma to Glenna Sue voegle and John Patrick Keefe. He has one real sister, Shelby Allison Cherry (Keefe) and one adopted sister, Kimberly Bess. He has started his career as a…

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Fighting against evil, helping people to live as per their will – this what Dr. John Patrick Keefe II lives for, and this the reason for his ever increasing goodwill

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is a Wedding Officiant in OKC, and a licensed minister in the state of Oklahoma.

Early life and career : Born in Oklahoma City, on March 7, 1979, John Keefe II began his professional journey in 2010 when he used to teach in schools of the United States as well as foreign countries like Estonia and China. In 2012, He also earned his doctoral degree from Bethel University in educational administration. He has also worked as a process server, private investigator and notary public with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers.

What he fights for: There are many people, who know what is wrong and what is not, but they seldom raise a voice. This is where he is different. He is an active supporter for the gay and lesbian (LGBT) community in Oklahoma. Yes, nowadays many people are coming forward to their support, but he was…

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Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Examines What Skip Tracing is and Why it’s Important

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Sometimes people that a process server in OKC is trying hard to locate are super slippery and evasive. A client is demanding immediate results, and time for proper service of court papers is simply running out. Whatever is a process server in Oklahoma City to do? Dr. John Patrick Keefe II contends that this is where skip tracing through an effective skip tracing service can often have plausible results.

According to John Keefe II, a skip trace is where a private investigator in Oklahoma City or a process server in Oklahoma takes pertinent information about individual such as the following . . .

Full Legal Name
Social Security Number or Last Four Digits
Date of Birth or Year of Birth
Previous Residential Address of the Person
Previous City & State
Person’s Email Address
Phone Number of the Person
Known Websites for the Individual

. . . and runs the…

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Keep the humanity alive with Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

There are many people in this world who become successful in their lives. But, there are a few who actually come forward to help others. Well, it is easier said than done. First, you have to be in a position to do so, and secondly, you need to have the courage and determination that it requires.

Many of us spend a lot of time of life in finding out the reason for our existence, but there are some who work for humanity, and this is what they live for.  John Keefe II is one such person who is always there to help the needy. There are some people who are a jack of many trades, and there are ones who are the master of one. But, there are a very few who excel in everything they do, thus, called the masters of each trade. John is one of those…

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Is 18 too Young to Get Married & Have Children?

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Society in 2016 is not what it used to be. The days when kids married at age 11 or 12 or even 13, 14, or 15 are, for the most part, in the past. However, in the United States many people can and do get married at age 16 with parental consent. Many jurisdictions recognize that by age 16 young adults are capable of consenting and making major life decisions for themselves. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, asks whether or not it is appropriate for young people to marry at very young ages.

Economic times have changed, and as people live longer and require more education to compete in today’s job market, young people have begun to marry at older and older ages than in years past. Indeed, the average marrying age has increased to the mid or late 20s…

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Dr. John Keefe’s Take on How to Be Yourself

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is a normal person just like everyone else. He always did one thing in life that made him different from the rest. Today, he is happily living with his loving family and friends. The society recognizes him for the good work that he does for the needy. What is his secret? It is that one thing he always did- “Be yourself.”

“Being yourself is of unequivocal importance,” emphasis Dr. Keefe.  The world is like a mirror and it reflects back what you are. To see the world for actually what it is, you need to be your true self. If you think you have lost yourself somewhere in time, then do not worry because it is never too late. You can reconnect with yourself any time. All that required is a true heart and true dedication to do that.

You can start today by…

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John Keefe: Always stood up against the injustice and inequality

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Some great soul has said the life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others? And there are a few who can answer this question in the best way by serving humanity and helping who need them. Dr.  John Patrick Keefe II is one such person who has always been there to help people.

John Keefe  is one of the best Oklahoma Judicial process servers and private investigators. If you are not fighting against injustice, then you are just living a life with compromises. But, there are no compromises to be made with your liberty. This is one thing along with justice, and equality that John fights for. Several people who are accused of a crime get sentences even when they are innocent. And there are the ones who get harsh punishments than others.  It might be because of past record or pre-judging; whatever the reason…

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John Keefe II Oklahoma, Doing The Things That Matter

John Keefe OKC resident, makes sure to leave no stones unturned when it’s about doing things that matter, things that can make the change and things that are right and is the duty of everyone to do.  He understands the true need of balance and harmony in nature (as well as in the society) and has made sure to contribute his part from time to time to maintain this balance.

Dr John Patrick Keefe II was born on 7th March 1979 in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Having brought up in a loving and caring family and being surrounded by one biological and one adopted sister, John realised that true bonds are formed by love and not by blood. He holds Doctoral Degree in Education Administration from Bethel University.

“Knowledge comes from travelling and grows with sharing,” this is strongly believed by him. That is why, he spent a major part of his life travelling around the world; meeting and understanding people, places and things that were unknown to him before.  To expand his horizon of knowledge and learning further, he taught in schools, both in the United States and in foreign countries like Estonia and China.

After doing his part as an Educator, he started on the journey of spreading the love.  This led to the creation of Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, where he worked as a wedding officiant, helping people to take the promise of staying forever together. When asked what is the right age of marrying according to him, he said, “There is no magical age at which two people can and should get married at. Everyone is ready for different things at different points in time.”

He understands the catastrophic effect of divorces and advice people to maintain love during hard times. He says that the key to this is “The more positive history of major experiences that a couple can successfully go through together, the better it is for their long-term relationship.”

Not only did John help people take the oath of bonds that are meant to be forever, he helped to bring the happiness of God’s gift in many lives. Today, John is a proud biological father of over 40 biological children. He is an active sperm donor, helping some people to conceive a baby, which is difficult for them to do in a natural way.

John knows the importance of a secure neighborhood and the feeling of security that is important for citizens of Oklahoma to feel when they sleep. He contributed in making his society a safe place for women and children by working as a successful process server, private investigator and notary public with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers. He has gone to his level best to provide justice and support to people who were in the hour of need and always sleep with one eye open to be available whenever called for.

Amidst all this, Dr. John Keefe never forgets his family, which comprises of his beautiful wife and loving children. He knows that a true man is a person who spends time with his family and he has never failed to do so.